Virtual Task Manager & the Manufacturing Industry

Why we’re a good fit.

Most manufacturing facilities are highly regulated and have complex maintenance needs. That’s where we come in.

How We Can Help

The business of manufacturing requires the management of environmental regulations and maintenance requirements at all plants and other facilities within the business. Multiple locations and complex requirements make this management burden even more difficult, requiring costly resources to ensure compliance.  Virtual Task Manager makes these everyday tasks simple and efficient, thereby substantially reducing the burden and associated costs of compliance. With Virtual Task Manager, oversight of environmental compliance and maintenance is always at your fingertips. Organizing and securing documentation and management records has never been easier.

Environmental Compliance
& Maintenance Tasks

Environmental Compliance

  • Create, monitor, and report all objectives and targets of your organization’s environmental activities.
  • Automate alerts to remind you when tasks are due.
  • Gather information regarding environmental impact and regulatory compliance.
  • Maintain easy access to your compliance records, documentation and certifications — protected and backed up online.


  • Monitor and schedule preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Reduce the backlog of outstanding corrective actions.
  • Standardize safety task processes throughout all levels of your operations.
  • Improve your maintenance efficiency and manage risk by proactively identifying and addressing potential safety risks.

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