Virtual Task Manager & the energy Industry

Why we’re a good match.

Businesses in the energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries must operate in complete regulatory compliance — any margin for error puts your revenue at risk. That’s where we come in.

How We Can Help

Businesses in the energy market need a highly streamlined system of procedures to comply with regulatory compliance and maintenance requirements. Many of these businesses have multiple locations or extended service lines that need to be monitored and kept in compliance at all times. Virtual Task Manager makes this easy. Any company, large or small, can greatly benefit from Virtual Task Manager — you can handle maintenance tasks and tracking with just a few clicks.

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Environmental Compliance
& Maintenance Tasks

Environmental Compliance

  • Create, monitor, and report all objectives and targets of your organization’s environmental activities.
  • Gather information regarding environmental impact and regulatory compliance.
  • Automate alerts to remind you when tasks are due.
  • Maintain easy access to your compliance records, documentation and certifications — protected and backed up online.


  • Monitor and schedule preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Reduce the backlog of outstanding corrective actions.
  • Standardize safety task processes throughout all levels of your operations.
  • Improve your maintenance efficiency and manage risk by proactively identifying and addressing potential safety risks.

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